A sport that is increasing in popularity, with championships held both in Europe and the USA, paintballing is where two opposing teams fight a pretend war.

A sport for children and teenagers that is also popular with adults.
In paintballing, so called because each team shoots gelatin capsules filled with washable paint at each other, two teams of minimum 5 and maximum 7 players face off in various rounds:

  • To capture a flag by eliminating your adversaries, marking them with paintballs means they are eliminated.
  • eEscort somebody from your own team to a chosen destination.
  • One against all, where a chosen person is immune to hits by paintballs and has to eliminate all others.

Paintballing equipment:

Paintballing centres rent all necessary equipment:

  • ‘guns’, known as markers, with a tank of compressed air 
  • mask, protective vest, neck guard and protective gloves

Players are advised to wear long trousers and a long sleeved top and trainers or walking boots.

Where to paintball in Valtellina

If you want to try out this activity, there are some centres around Valtellina where you can hire equipment and organize games and competitions.

  • Valtellina-Paintball: in Tovo di S. Agata, Province of Sondrio
  • A.S.D. Esperienze in Valtellina: works both in Valtellina and the province of Alessandria in the region of Piedmont.

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